Trois Petits Cochons Cornichons


These Trois Petits Cochons Cornichons are gherkins with a perfectly sour taste. Pickled in vinegar and traditionally spiced with mustard seeds, black pepper, and coriander seeds. Trois Petits Cochons Cornichons are baby gherkins perfectly pickled to perfection. With just the right amount of moderate spice with a delightful sour taste, these Trois Petits gherkins are non-GMO pickles perfect for pairing with charcuteries like pate and ham.

Trois Petits Cochons Cornichons Gherkins are ideally crunchy and soft pickles that come in a 12.4-ounce resealable jar. This packaging allows you to enjoy these miniature pickles any time without needing to dig around in the brine to enjoy them with its clever packaging cradled in a plastic basket. These Cochons Cornichons sour gherkins perfectly pair with Jambon de Paris, coarse pate, and other charcuterie complemented with mustard. 

Trois Petits Cochons has produced all-natural award-winning products since 1975. Its history began in a small village in New York City, offering various mousses, sausages, smoked meats, gherkins, smoked meats, and other French specialties.

  • Ingredients: cornichons water vinegar (non-GMO) salt onions mustard seeds black pepper coriander seeds natural flavor
  • Product Weight: 12.4 oz (350 g)
  • Product of India