Seed + Mill - 227g Halva Cardamom


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Halva, meaning sweet in Arabic, is a flaky, melt in your mouth textural sensation! Enjoy halva on its own, crumbled on yogurt or fruit, baked into brownies, or as part of a cheese board. Our halva is plant based, vegan, gluten free, kosher certified, palm oil free and all natural. Our 8oz/227g halva packs come in beautifully packaged boxes in a case of 12. Shelf life is 4-6 months.


Ingredients - sesame paste (sesame seeds), cane sugar, glucose syrup, cardamom, sapanoria extract Allergens - contains: sesame SUMMER SHIPPING ADVISORY: We are currently shipping Monday-Wednesday. Note that orders placed Wednesday-Sunday will not ship until the following Monday. SHELF LIFE & HANDLING Halva lasts up to 12 months. While our halva can be transported and displayed at ambient temperatures, we recommend storing it refrigerated whenever possible to avoid natural oil separation. The ideal temperature for shelf display is 65-75F.