Hayden Flour Mills -Stone Ground Oatmeal

2.0 lb

Rich, buttery and full of nutrients, our Raw Heritage Oats date back to the 18th century and are a rare hulless, or “naked,” variety that is historically tough to find and farm. But we believe all that hard work is worth it when you taste the full flavor of fresh oats!

If you have never had raw, freshly milled oats you are missing out! Our special oat variety has a thin and wispy hull that naturally falls off during harvest (no steaming required!). When we coarsely mill the oats, we package them right away in atmospheric packaging to preserve the natural, buttery oils. So when you open a package of our Cracked Oats, it’s like you’re getting them straight off the mill! You will find the texture of our Cracked Oats similar to steel-cut oats. We recommend storing your Cracked Oats in your fridge or freezer to preserve all the natural oils.

+ Storage information: Refrigerate or freeze after opening

+ 1.6 lb box

+ Click here for cooking instructions

+ ALLERGEN INFO: Processed on equipment shared with WHEAT, EGGS, and MILK