Free Range Eggs South Mountain Creamery


Sold by the dozen.  Egg shell color is determined by the chicken's breed.

Layed right here at SMC, these eggs are produced by using ingredients that are grown right here on our own farm. SMC chickens are all certified humane which means we have met all the standards set by the certified humane team.  They are some of the freshest eggs you will ever try (unless you have your own chickens, of course!).  Our chickens are free range, meaning they can go inside and outside as they please and are raised by humane standards.  They are fed an all vegetarian diet.  High in DHA and Omega3.  Washed, graded and packaged here at SMC.

Did you know? * A chicken takes about 26 hours to produce an egg.  After a 30 minute rest, she starts the process again! *



As of November 1st, 2011 we are officially Certified Humane with our eggs!!