Chili Beak - Spicy Roasted Chili Oil

0.37 lb
Chili Beak is a new spicy food condiment used as an alternative to hot sauce with a wonderful roasted pepper flavor & smooth smoky notes. Husband and wife, Jason and Giselle, make Chili Beak locally in Salt Lake City, Utah with just four ingredients. The resulting product is a lovely oil and chili combination that belongs on every table. Because this is an oil-based hot sauce rather than a vinegar base, the flavors of the chilies develop in a more complex way. By losing the acidity associated with vinegar-based sauces, slower development of heat and better-tasting flavor make this the perfect addition to any dish needing a little spicy kick.
  • 6 oz Jar
  • Made in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Ingredients: Mexican dried chilies, garlic, sunflower oil, and Utah salt