Burlap & Barrel - Black Urfa Chili

0.5 lb

A deeply savory, not-so-spicy chili that's delicious on kebabs and other grilled foods. Try it cooked into stews and chilis, in salad dressings, sprinkled on fluffy scrambled eggs, and even mixed into brownies and other chocolate desserts for a little extra depth and a hint of heat.

After being cured, the black Urfa chili is packed with salt and a little sunflower seed oil to preserve its natural texture and flavor and prevent it from drying out. 

  • Origin: Urfa, Turkey
  • Aliases: Urfa Biber, isot
  • Heat level: 5,000-10,000 Scoville units
  • Process: Cured in the sun and stone-ground
  • Ingredients: Urfa Chili (Capsicum annum), sunflower seed oil, salt (salt content is 1% by weight or about 0.5 grams per jar)
  • Tasting notes: Raisin • Espresso • Summer Night

*Please note that the Black Urfa Chili contains a little sunflower oil and may appear to be slightly clumpy or wet as a result, especially at cold temperatures. The oil is part of what makes the chili so delicious, and there's nothing to be concerned about if it looks a little wet.