Amano Artisan Chocolate - Dark Chocolate Mango Chili Bar (55% Cocoa)

0.19 lb

I've taken the famous combination of chili peppers and mangos and crafted them together with the perfect beans for their flavor notes. We mix and grind them with cacao beans we source directly from farmers in the Guayas River Basin in Ecuador. The result? A chocolate that is truly remarkable and one I treasure as among my favorites.

-Art Pollard

Founder, Head Chocolate Maker

Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Pure Cane Sugar, Freeze-dried Mango, Arbol Chilies, Whole Vanilla Bean

Tasting Notes:

Rich dark Guayas chocolate with green banana and blackberry notes made out of cacao beans of Ecuador. Rich creamy mango with the warmth of chili peppers.

Dimension: 3¼ x 8 x ⅝.

Size: 3oz.

Made in United States