Laayyoo - Lost Sock Coffee Roasters

0.62 lb



Region:  Guji

Producer: Ture Waji - Sookoo Coffee

Altitude: 2350 meters

Varietal: 74110, 74112 

Process: Natural

This is a tasty coffee with a fun name. This is the second year Lost Sock has brought in this lot from Sookoo Coffee in Guji. The cup profile is fruit-forward - we are getting notes of strawberry, rose, and cream. Those strawberry/blueberry notes are pronounced, but the cup also has a floral dimension and finishes with a cream-like sweetness and body. Often times the natural process can yield a muddled cup - overly fermented, winey, yogurt-like finish - but this Laayyoo is a super clean cup. Processing is something Sookoo Coffee focuses on, and it definitely pays off. 

The word Laayyoo refers to the indigenous tree growing in the area, used for shade on coffee plantations. Its deep roots allow for the falling leaves to offer rich, nutrient-dense compost, acting also as a fertilizer for the coffee.

The coffee varieties in this lot, heirloom locally selected sub-variety 74110 and 74112, were developed in the 1970s at the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) for resistance to the coffee berry disease. These two varieties begin with “74” to indicate their cataloging and selection in 1974.

*Net Wt. 10 oz | 284 g