Ricotta Cups - Strawberry Balsalmic

0.31 lb
Popping a sheet of bubble wrap. Placing the final piece of a puzzle. Reuniting a missing sock with its long-lost counterpart. The first spoonful of Strawberry Balsamic RifRaf Ricotta Cups. One taste of our stir-in flavor made from juicy, tart strawberries paired with creamy ricotta cheese and you’ll wonder why you spent years wasting all that bubble wrap.

Product Details

- No artificial ingredients
- A healthy snack packed with 10g of protein per ricotta cup
- Made with milk from grassfed cows
- Eat plain with a spoon, spread on ricotta toast, or add some RifRaf flavor to your favorite recipes.
- An easy, keto-friendly, low carb snack to take on the go